Our pricing policy

mdn05 Transparent rates

All our price offers are justified by objective elements stated in detailed specifications. These specifications are the basis of the contract binding MdN and its clients. It is on this basis that we build a smooth daily collaboration with you, without any unpleasant surprises.

Tailored costs

Since your company is unique, our commercial staff will never recommend an “all-in” solution.


According to multiple criteria such as the space, nature and functional purpose of your premises, we offer you rates that correspond to your budget and expectations.


Depending on your requirements and your budget, we can offer you various maintenance and cleaning solutions. What’s more, we make a point of ensuring that the quality and results of our work are never compromised. However, in line with the flexibility of our services, any change to the task schedule will trigger a possible review of budgets, in observance of the contractual clauses that we have with our clients.