Customer relations

mdn04 Personalised follow-up of every project/site

We believe that our work goes far beyond merely identifying and planning the cleaning and maintenance tasks for your premises. Planning and execution are always accompanied by an ongoing evaluation of your needs.

A continuous dialogue with you

A supervisor guarantees that every task is completed at all the cleaning and maintenance sites. This supervisor is your contact person and maintains a continuous and close dialogue with you.

Your special contact person at MdN guarantees the efficient planning of the cleaning and maintenance tasks at your premises.

Planning flexibility

The operational rhythm of your company may vary due to many factors. Thanks to the follow-up of each of your projects/sites and the continuous dialogue we have with you, we adapt our work at your premises to suit your activity.

Trustworthy personnel

We set great store by the trust you place in MdN. Within this spirit, the choice of personnel to work at your premises is made using criteria of capability, honesty and work consistency.