mdn03 ISO 9001-2008

Over the years, the seriousness and professionalism of MdN has allowed the company to obtain the ISO 9001-2008 label. This label is a guarantee of a thorough and efficient job.

UGBN (Union Générale Belge du Nettoyage)

For more than 25 years, MdN has been a professional company, renowned among its peers. This is demonstrated by its long-standing membership of the UGBN and its observance of the ethical codes established by this union.

Professional insurance

All our staff is covered by professional civil liability insurance.

MdN attaches a particular importance for the protection of the environment

We are conscious of the fact that a cleaning company can play a significant role in the protection of the environment. Worried about the ecological consequences of our activity, we wish to involve ourselves very actively in this matter. This includes the health protection of the people working as well with our company as the with your company. We can achieve this by using less environmentally harmful products, using lesser quantities of detergents, having an adapted packaging as well as the possibility of recycling. In this approach, MdN has chosen cleaning products answering to the European Eco-label standards. These are symbolised by a flower and answer to strict performance as well as environmental criteria. Each product bearing the European Eco-label passes a rigorous conformity test. The results are certified by an independent and internationally recognised body.

The eco labelised detergents :

  • guarantee great efficiency as their quality has been tested by independent laboratories,
  • the user notice on the products offers clear and easy to use instructions for an optimal use of the product,
  • contain less harmful substances